Our aims are:

  1. Encourage our staff to be responsible, green citizens.
  2. Consider the environmental impoacts in our purchasing.
  3. Endeavour our work with partner organisations that share our green values.
  4. It is our intention to operate our business in as environmentally-friendly way as we
  5. 5. We reuse, or recycle all of our incoming packaging materials like cardboard etc.
  6. We minimise our use of paper. Key information about us is readily available on this site. The increasing use of e-mail greatly reduces the volume of paper used in hard copy correspondence, envelopes and letters. Processing information electronically is also much more energy and carbon efficiency than physically sending a hard copy.
  7. Our consumption of fuel and energy is very closely monitored and we take care that it is not wasted through inefficiency or casualness. For example, we utilize visible signs to remind staff to turn off lights when leaving a room, and ask staff to use computers responsibly i.e. turning them off at night and using the stand-by mode during the day.
  8. Where possible we will choose to source our materials from suppliers who operate in an environmentally friendly manner and who are geographically local to us to reduce delivery miles.
  9. We aim to use Fair Trade suppliers wherever possible.
  10. We will work with our catering suppliers to buy locally where possible in order to reduce our food miles and to promote British suppliers.
  11. We will choose the vehicles we operate with fuel efficiency in mind and monitor their fuel consumption closely.
  12. We will buy local
  13. We will keep an eye on energy usage
    a. Switch off lights and equipment when they’re not in use.
    b. Use a close down checklist for staff to ensure everything is turned off at the end of service.
    c. Regularly maintain appliances and equipment for efficient performance.
    d. Keep heating and cooling appliances away from each other where possible.
    e. Switch to a renewable energy supplier.

Summary: Being more energy conscious can make a big difference to the environment and your wallet. Ensure all non-necessary appliances are switched off and the end of service and regularly maintain your equipment.
Upgrade to energy efficient alternatives

Your appliances account for a substantial amount of your energy usage, so upgrading to energy-efficient alternatives is a great way to lower your carbon footprint. The initial investment can be high but, in the long run, you will save money and contributing to vast environmental benefits, which could lead to greater customer loyalty and recognition.